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 Best PTC Bux-matrix.com

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PostSubject: Best PTC Bux-matrix.com   Sun Nov 27, 2011 3:15 pm

I do not understand why people invest in neobux and onbux when clearly they do not offer the same advantages like bux-matrix for example. Without any doubt bux-matrix pays and it has been paying for a long time: over 2 years. And you can make money even if you are not so good finding referalls and this is the BEST part. I think people do not give it the importance it deserves because of lack of infomation.

Bux-matrix is owned by Mark & James Network, just like BuxJunction and Buxify. Unlike the last two, BUXMATRIX does not necessarily require investment but the benefits you get once you are an upgraded member are enormous.

Bux-matrix is divided into two groups. The first group is the classic “bux“, where you can stay Standard member as long as you want and of course having the right to withdraw your money once you’ve reached the minimum amount ($ 2 for the first withdrawal, then $ 4, $ 6, $ 10 ). The other group “matrix” requires investment.

There are 2 types of investment The first investment type is the upgrade for the bux, which in exchange of $ 48 per year it gives you the fallowing benefits: earning more per click ($ 0.01) and per referral click ($ 0.005), at least 6 ads more per day, $ 0.05 for each new referral and $2 for each referrals upgrade. BUXMATRIX guarantees you 100% money back for each upgrade. Even if you don`t have any referrals, you`ll make $4 per month only from your clicks (ie $ 48 per year). And yes, everything you`ll earn from referrals it will mean your profit.

To understand better the Matrix group, I provided an image with the levels and earnings in Matrix:

Entering the Matrix is the second type of investment and offers in exchange for $ 12 the following benefits: a life time matrix position (ie the first level of the 12 – see picture above) plus two months bux upgrade. You can also buy additional matrix position (ie the other 11 remaining levels) and for every additional matrix position you purchase, you`ll get 2 months bux full upgrade.

When a referral upgrades will get $ 2 in your bux account and $ 1.5 (for level 1, 11 and 12) or $0.5 (starting with level 2 untill 10). On the first matrix level you have the right to 3 upgaded referrals and the next upgraded referral will go to your level 2 (this means you will need an additional level). So, with just 4 direct upgraded referrals you will be in profit..
So, remember, all your referrals, direct or indirect will go on levels , as shown in the image above. First 3 referrals will go on first level, referrals from 4 to 9 on the second level and so on. You will earn from you direct referrals and also from indirect referrals 12 levels deep. Example: The first three direct referrals of YOUR direct referral .. will go on his first level … and on the second level in your matrix (or where are the next free positions left, ).

And the most interesting part is that even if you have a hard time finding referrals you will still get spillovers from your upline. You will always be enrolled in someones first matrix level and his second referrals level will go on your first matrix level. This means that even if you will be my referral no 4, your upline will be my referral no 1 and you will get spillovers from him!!
Your earnings will also not go in the same account. Your bux earnings go to your bux account and can withdraw them once you reach the minimum amount ($ 2, $ 4, $ 6, $ 10) and matrix earnings will go on matrix account and you`ll be paid automatically once you reach $ 5.

Let’s recap:
Standard Members receive: 4 ads per day ($ 0.004 each), minimum 3 mails a day ($ 0.004 each), $ 0.002 /referral click, $ 0.5 / referral upgrade.

Bux Upgrade Membership ($ 48 per year) receive: at least 9 ads per day ($ 0.01 each), minimum 3 mails a day ($ 0.01 each), $ 0.005 /referral click, 0.05 $ /new active referral , $ 2 / referral upgrade

Matrix upgrade Membership ($ 12) receive: 2 months full bux upgrade, at least 9 ads per day ($ 0.01 each), minimum 3 mails a day ($ 0.01 each), $ 0.005 / referral click, 0.05 $ /new active referral, $ 2 / referral upgrade, a lifetime matrix position (one level), $ 1.5 / upgraded matrix referral on your first level (or $ 0.5 for the following), 400 points you can use in advertising

Once the minimum you reach the minimum amount you can withdraw money using AlertPay and the processing time is between 72 hours and 7 days.
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Best PTC Bux-matrix.com
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