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 Bux.to Scam

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PostSubject: Bux.to Scam   Tue Dec 06, 2011 3:19 pm

Bux.to is a scam. Bux.to is one of the most successful PTC scams out there today.

1. Violation of Terms Of Service - In their terms of service they state that they pay within 30/60 business days. However there are thousands and thousands of members that have waited over a year for their payment. Currently payments have resumed but payments are in small amounts. The owner is paying new members over old. Mainly due to the cost of paying new member rather than old. Since old members are owed in the thousands.

2. Forum Fully Censored - The owner has ordered all staff to delete and to reject any and every negative comment about payments and about bux.to. A true sign of a scam is when you have a heap of complaints from members who claimed they have not been paid.

3. Ties with a Convicted Felon - David John Withers a known convicted felon and money laundering is one of the two owners running bux.to. A zebra never changes it's stripes and you can count on bux.to being involved in some kind of money laundering scheme.

4. Fake Ads - 99% of bux.to ads are self advertised or are affiliate links from the owner. Meaning bux.to is showing their ads to you for free. No real outside advertisers. Explains why payments are so far behind. This site relies heavily on membership upgrades and ref package upgrades in order to pay their members.

6. Complaints and then some... - Negative feedback galore. If you don't believe me, the read what other users and members have gone through with this site. And these are recent complaints. I am not talking about the long list of complaints from last year.







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Bux.to Scam
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