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 SubmitEdge Quality Submission and SEO Service

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PostSubject: SubmitEdge Quality Submission and SEO Service   Fri Aug 24, 2012 8:08 pm

Over the past few years that i have been marketing online promoting my site(s) i have cheated a little and used a submission service to get the job done when i have little time to do quality link building. SubmitEdge is a SEO Firm that offers Link Building Solutions, Directory submission, Article Submission, blog commenting and a few more services that i will mention later in this thread. I was a little skeptical about using them at first because of the prices for the packages but soon after i did the article writing/submission service and got all those "Your Article was Approved" emails i kept on using them for anytime that i needed some quality link building done when i did not have any time to do it. I also did there directory submission service along with the article one at the same time. As you know, i am a super moderator on v7n forum and spend my time there helping people and tend to forget to keep marketing myself. That's where SubmitEdge comes into play. lol

When i first used SubmitEdge for there directory submission service i did not know what to expect and how will they ask for my website information. Right after purchasing i had to fill out this detailed forum that asked for my websites information, keywords, multiple titles to use..etc It was a easy to understand form to fill out. The one thing that sold me in using them more often was the detailed reports you get sent after the service is completed. I like to verify that the service i paid for is done like they stated on there homepage and of course to see where my backlinks will come from. My traffic and rankings did go up by using them but i also did my own marketing which improved the rankings for Newbizshop.com. You will get quality backlinks from using them but i will not guarantee that you will each number 1 for your targeted keywords. SubmitEdge will help you get quality backlinks but if you do not continue to get quality backlinks each and every week, you will not see a big increase in your search engine rankings.

I am just typing up a little information about why i like SubmitEdge but you can see for yourself by visiting there homepage and look at all the services that they provide. I will not try to convince you to use there services but they do have a long track record in providing quality services and will also do what you ask. For example, if you purchase there article writing and submission service and the article they let you proof read first needs a few changes, just tell them this and they will make the correction. These guys listen to the customer and will do what you ask of them. One time i thought my comments was going to piss off a staff member but they kindly made the small change and added an extra paragraph to my article they wrote. I am very picky sometimes but they treat there clients in a professional manner.

To name a few of the quality services that they provide, check out the list i made:

  • Contextual Link Building

  • Directory Submission

  • Article Submission/writing

  • Social Bookmarking

  • Search Engine Submission (This is only good for when you first launch a website. Trust me, do this first thing when your site goes live for the first time. It will get your site indexed and crawled faster

  • Guaranteed Google Indexing (It really works!)

  • DMOZ Listing (Note, they will research the proper category for your site and submit the listening follow Dmoz rules but they don't guarentee it will be approved

  • Blog Review Service

  • Link Wheel Service

  • Forum Link Building (I do not recommend this. Do this manually by registering on forums yourself and posting quality content on them)

  • Blog Commenting Service

  • Niche Blog Review Service

  • Link Baiting Service

  • Press Release Distribution/writing

  • Article Prism Service

  • Video Submission/Creation Service

  • Squidoo Lens Creation

  • Niche One Way Links
SubmitEdge also does SEO copywriting, web design, logo designs, and other SEO services. Like i said earlier in this thread, you need to check out there homepage because they provide a lot of good services that i briefing mentioned but they explain in details about each service they provide with the benifits of using them. They have earned my trust a few years ago. This is not some B.S. i am trying to pitch to you. SubmitEdge is ranked in the top 5 in the world for link building. They state this on there homepage with a link to prove it.

Thanks for taking the time to read my personal review and happy link building to you.

To Your Success

Derek (Snakeair)
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SubmitEdge Quality Submission and SEO Service
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