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 Great weight loss tips

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PostSubject: Great weight loss tips   Sat Feb 09, 2013 1:22 am

1. One salad a day keeps the doctor away – Having a salad on your menu can reduce your caloric intake dramatically. Do watch the dressing. Low or non-fat salad dressing can make all the difference.
2. “Move your ass daily” – raise your heart rate for 30 minutes every day, well if u can't than do it at least every other day. 30 minutes isn’t a lot of time actually, and it does get really easy after a few weeks. However, when it gets easy, you need to increase the intensity, or the tension to continue getting the same results.
3. Don’t lick the plate – Yes I know, throwing food away is awful, but nevertheless don’t eat everything off your plate just to make it look sparkling clean. When you stop feeling hungry STOP eating! Finishing up all the crumbs from your plate is a sure way to gain weight.
4. Resist the sweet tooth cravings – Reduce your daily sugar intake to minimum. Period.
5. High-sugar drinks no more – Try to avoid drinks that contain high concentrations of sugar – sodas, fruity drinks etc. I know it’s hard but you’ll feel better after substituting it for water or homemade tea.
6. Monitor your results – Writing down everyday results and seeing the progress will boost your confidence and thus help you carry on with your weight loss program.
7. Build some muscles – I know it sounds strange but getting some muscle mass can help you lose weight even when you’re sleeping! Muscles use up energy thus melting your fat. Brilliant!Smile
8. Imagine what you will look like – It will give a boost to your motivation. This way you’ll know what great results u can achieve by working hard.
9. Drink lots of water –Water will help detoxify your body and flush away the bad stuff.

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Great weight loss tips
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