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 Safe meat packaging

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PostSubject: Safe meat packaging   Thu Jul 18, 2013 4:29 pm

Producing safe food is good for consumers and good for business.By the time food reaches your kitchen, members of the meat and poultry industry have taken many actions to assure safety.
However, it is essential that food preparers take steps to maintain safety all the way to the table. Practicing safe-handling methods in the home can reduce the risk of foodborne illness and keep your family healthy.Below are the basics of food safety in the home kitchen.

* Always purchase fresh meat and poultry products last.
* Meat and poultry products should feel cold to the touch. Do not purchase products that feel warm, as this indicates that the product has not been stored at the proper temperature.
* Place products in a plastic bag to prevent juices from leaking onto other raw products in your shopping cart.
* Choose packages that are tightly wrapped and have no tears or punctures. Be sure the packages do not contain excessive liquid, which can be an indication of temperature abuse or excessive storage. For vacuum-packaged products, be sure that the seal has not been broken and that the package is not leaking.
* Purchase meat and poultry products by the sell-by date. If you purchase meat and poultry products on or within a day or two of the sell-by date, prepare or freeze the product right away.

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Safe meat packaging
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